Protein Hair Treatment

Protein treatments can be used to strengthen the hair and keep it shiny. Protein for the hair can be done using internal or external treatments. For internal treatment, a diet that is rich in lean protein is beneficial.
  1. Internal Protein

    • Consuming protein is one form of treatment for the hair. Hair is made up keratin, collagen and elastin; each is a form of protein. When these proteins lose their connectivity, hair starts to weaken and sheds. Supplying the body with enough protein is a good way to ensure that the hair gets the nutrients it needs to stay strong.
      Protein can be found in fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and meats. Try a spinach and cheese omelet for breakfast, chicken salad sandwich with fruit for lunch and grilled chicken with 2 vegetable sides for dinner. Drinking protein shakes is also a valid way to get protein in your diet. Consuming protein not only helps the hair, it also benefits nails and skin and the body's organs.

    External Protein

    • Using a protein treatment on your hair works in three different ways: it strengthens the hair, repairs the outer layer, and promotes new growth. Protein treatments support and add to the keratin protein that is already found in the hair. This adds elasticity and strength to the hair that helps with shedding and breakage.
      Doing a protein treatment is fairly simple. Thoroughly clean the hair with a clarifying shampoo. This will remove any buildup that accumulated from using other products. To get the best out of the treatment, try saturating wet or dry hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Average Cost of Hair Extensions

Hair today, gone tomorrow, or better still, no hair today, long tresses tomorrow! I am sure you have guessed what I am talking about. Yes, hair extensions it is! Consider you have short hair, which you think goes great with your sporty image. There is a problem, though. You have a date coming up, you feel that you should 'sport' long tresses and look extra gorgeous. Then how do you reconcile and give both the situations your best shot? Simple! Using hair extensions is the answer to your dilemma. Before you go for the date, just get some nice hair extensions fixed.
What is the Average Price of Hair Extensions

As mentioned previously, there are a number of factors which go in determining the price of hair extensions. Here is the cost of hair extensions based on that, mainly the type of extensions.

Type 1
One of the most common type of hair extensions is the hot fusion bonding. Apart from being the most common way to get hair extensions, these are the most reasonable when it comes to expenditure and time. Starting at around $300, getting extensions through this method may go up to $500, or even more.
Type 2
Clip ons is another option you can chose with regards to hair extensions. These are a temporary solution if you want to get appreciative glances and appreciating comments from some one special for your long locks! These are the most inexpensive when it comes to getting extensions for your hair.

Hair Extensions Cost

Girls with short hair face a problem - they love long hair and they wish they had long tresses too, but by the time their hair grows long, long hair is out of fashion! If you are one of them, you might have surely heard of hair extensions. Are you resisting to try it out because you think they may cause hair-damage? May be you are one of them who think hair extensions are for the ones with a heavy pocket. All your questions about hair extensions cost and its types will be answered in this article.

Hair Extensions Info - Hair Extensions Types

How many of you look in the mirror and wish you had a more voluminous hair? You try out volume hair sprays and mousse but by the evening your hair is back to limp! How many of you wish you had longer hair, so that experimenting with new hair up-dos becomes possible? If none of these, you might be amongst those who wish they had curls instead of strands and the flip-side for those with curls. Chemical treatments like re-bonding and perming may not be the 'thing' for you.
Natural Hair Extensions
In this type of hair extensions, only human hair is used for bonding into small sections of your original hair. They look most natural of all the hair extensions and are available in Asian, Indian, European and Russian hair.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Women with curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair are constantly on the look out for newer methods of straightening their hair. Most of the methods that are in practice today, either do not produce desired results or end up damaging your hair. However, keratin hair straightening treatment or precisely Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, is the latest trend in the hair care industry.
What is Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein which makes up about 88% of your hair. Keratin hair treatment is an infusion of natural keratin in hair without affecting the internal chemical bond of hair. It essentially aims at smoothening the hair cuticle and repairing the hair damage. The treatment is done by infusing keratin formula into freshly washed hair, with the help of heat. A special salt free clarifying shampoo is used for this purpose. Hair is blow dried and partitioned into several sections of strands. Keratin solution is applied to every strand and then straightened up to 5 times with a 450-degree flat iron. The heat of the flat iron helps in better infusion of the keratin solution in hair. The hair are to be kept in this state for about 72 hours. Then, a sodium free shampoo is used to wash the solution off the hair.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

There are scores of hair treatments emerging on a regular basis, with each claiming to tame those unruly curls and transform them to silky smooth straight strands.popular. Brazilian keratin treatment originated in Brazil, but in the past few years has surged in popularity all across the US. Salons all over the States are providing this hair treatment that touts about transforming frizzy, coarse hair to soft, smooth, silky hair by restoring the lost sheen and health to one's hair. Brazilian keratin hair treatment costs about $150 - $600 for a single treatment, depending on the length and thickness of one's hair. This keratin hair treatment keeps the hair silky for about 3-5 months, depending on how often one shampoos the hair.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair gets damaged and rough after chronic styling, hair straightening and coloring of hair. The keratin quality of the hair begins to deteriorate. Keratin is a strong protein forming 88% of the hair and is the substance that gives hair its texture. Frequent hair abuse conduces to depletion of keratin protein levels in the hair, giving them the rough, dry and damaged appearance. The Brazilian keratin hair treatment aims at restoring those lost keratin levels to the hair and bringing back the shine to the hair.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Procedure

Keratin is derived from pure wool harvested from New Zealand sheep and is actually nothing but liquid hair, which when applied to the hair, penetrates into the hair cortex and improves hair quality right from inside.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails and teeth. Your hair is made up of about 88% of this keratin protein. Keratin is responsible for rendering a smooth, silky texture to the hair. Naturally, the more keratin in hair, the smoother the hair. Dry, frizzy, extremely curly hair have less content of keratin, which gives them a rough appearance. Keratin smoothing treatment basically aims at replenishing the natural keratin of hair. The keratin used for this purpose is derived from animal extract or similar natural sources. The process is initiated by washing hair with a special salt free clarifying shampoo. Hair is then blow dried and several partitions are made. Keratin formula or a keratin smoothing complex is then infused in every section with the help of heat. A 450 degree flat iron is used for this purpose. Heat helps in better absorption of keratin formula into the hair follicle. The treatment works by sealing the hair shaft with keratin, thereby healing the damaged hair. As the treatment does not disturb the natural chemical bond of the hair, minimal damage is inflicted upon your hair. The keratin formula is left on hair for about 72 hours, during which it is essential to maintain the setting of the hair. A special keratin smoothing shampoo is used to wash off the formula from the hair.

Advantages of Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin smoothing treatment uses natural keratin, which is free from harsh chemicals that are commonly found in other treatments. This treatment works equally well for all hair types, such as Asian, African, American, Caucasian etc. It also produces brilliant results on chemically treated hair. The open shaft of chemically treated hair allows better infusion of the keratin formula, thereby yielding more promising results. Virgin hair also respond well to this treatment. At US$ 250, this is a cheaper method of smoothing hair, with lasting results (about 4 months).

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reviews

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reviews hair, nobody knows the ugly truth better than me. As nature would have it, I am 'gifted' with extreme coarse curly hair which is beyond manageable. However, I haven't stopped myself from finding various techniques to make my hair look smooth, silky, and straight. Through painful (not literally) treatments to my hair, straightening, coloring, teasing, curling, braiding, and styling, I must have come up with tons of hairstyles for myself. But sometimes, I really wish that I could find some hair care treatments or hair care products that will keep my hair straight and smooth. And that's when I came across the Brazilian Keratin treatment. If you have hair like me and regularly visit a salon, you may have heard about it.